Real Strength and Power are BOTH Physical and Emotional. Practice these two traits you’ll be unstoppable. Guys and Gals will look up to you and your woman or Man will love and adore you!

Let me tell you a Story….

Growing up, I was NEVER tough, at least in the traditional sense. I was never into sports and I was always kind of soft, physically. I had a group of friends that were diverse. Ranging from comic nerds to jocks that only really cared about football, “chicks”, and cars. I fell in the middle, though, I related more to my comic nerd friends. So my reference points for my manhood were skewed.

I was quiet and shy. Never really assertive or outgoing. That changed as I learned that if I didn’t go out and make things happen then I’d be stuck in a shell.

By the time I was 18, I had already worked to make money and finally landed a job in an environment I knew I’d thrive in, a home improvement store. Sounds weird right?! Well, to me it was just a job until I had an experience with seeing a “tough” guy exude softness. It was a balance of, what seemed to be opposites, and the contrast somehow made me realize, “THAT’S REAL STRENGTH”.

Here’s what happened…

I had this Manager at my Home Improvement store job that oversaw the hardware department as well as managing the in-store undercover security Loss Prevention team. I looked up to this guy. His energy and vibe said “don’t fuck with me”. I apologize for my language but I need to get my point across. He had a voice that carried and the ability to handle whatever came his way. He was very tall but was fit and cut and looked powerful. Everyone listened to this guy. He seemed Tough As Nails!

One afternoon I was sitting in the break room and he was sitting in there as well eating lunch. I have to admit, I was intimidated by him.

His phone rung and he answered with a, “Yeah!” It wasn’t rude, it was just his the way he spoke. I guess it was his wife because his demeanor and tone immediately changed and proceeded with “Hey Baby, How’s my Sweetheart doing? I miss you!” And they they spoke on the phone for a few minutes and it floored me.

Right away I thought, “that dude is a real man!” The contrast made sense and I knew that was necessary in being strong, in the most balanced pure sense. Imagine how safe his wife felt that this guy, who was Tough As Shit was as gentle as a butterfly when it came to her.

That became my new reference for the kind of man I wanted to be. A leader with physical power and an individual with emotional power. To me, that’s REAL “SAVAGE” STRENGTH!

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