The Best Exercise Program For Men Near Or Over 40

In my Early to Mid 30’s, I started to feel my body aging. My mind still felt sharp and young, and visually, I looked my best. But the way I Physically felt revealed time and its effects. I wouldn’t accept this seeming decline as something that just comes with age and didn’t believe that when I hit 40 I’d lose my strength and vitality steadily. So I had to change that for myself. I found my solution. But let me start from earlier on and tell you my story.

In my late 20’s I started work as an assembly line worker, building heavy industrial equipment. At that age, the physical demands and the repetition of lifting and moving and assembling heavy equipment was enough to skip some days at the gym and still feel like my body was gaining in muscle. I felt strong. Though I hadn’t always been in shape, I found this kind of work aided my physical strength, development, and kept my mind sharp. If I didn’t focus on the job at hand I could be fatally hurt as this wasn’t a job that you could safely perform without extreme care and mental awareness.

I’ve been in that line of work for over 12 years now. The evolution and transitioning from working on an assembly line to working on heavy industrial equipment out on location as a service technician was natural as my knowledge also grew. But my body told a different story.

As I got older, in my mid 30’s, my body felt tired. I started going to the gym more and I always feel better when I eat cleaner, but I’d wake up feeling stiff. My feet would hurt as I stepped out of bed and my stiff back was something of a new experience. Sure, I’ve had the occasional back ache and stiff neck but when this became what each morning was like, I couldn’t deal. Especially feeling more groggy and fatigued throughout the day, the kind that coffee couldn’t even remedy.

Like I said before, the physical demands of my kind of work led me to believe that it would help keep me in shape or at least strong. But what I learned was that sitting in my service vehicle, driving from location to location, only to be bent over under the hood of these large machines for extended periods of time everyday for for years was only enough to tear up my back, and posture and make my joints stiff and achy. Sitting for long periods and being bent over while reaching in awkward positions is unnatural and I felt it.

So now at 39, still young, but textbook for feeling the physical effects of time and aging, I decided to take my life and body back.

How to Be Strong at 40 & Beyond (Men Over 40 Tips)

Do You Want To Be 40 STRONG?

As a husband, I never want my wife to feel like she can’t rely on my physical strength or not feel safe and protected. I always want to be a strong able, energetic partner for her. Not to mention, she is unbelievably beautiful and sexy and an amazing mom, and I can only dream of keeping up with her. She is definitely an inspiration and she has my total admiration.

As a dad, I have three boys. My oldest is 16. He exercises everyday and is so regimented in his diet. By the time he’s 18, I don’t want him to be stronger than me and I always want them to be able to see me as strong, and capable, someone they can look up to.

Men Over 40 with Six Pack Abs

Do You Want To Be 40 STRONG?

So I decided, enough with feeling like my body isn’t as young feeling as my mind. The frustration of feeling sore and achy and sluggish in fatigue each day was enough. Looking at my wife and boys and deciding I need to be better for them and not on the decline at such a young age. Let’s be real, 40 is still young and a prime age. But with studies showing and proving that, after 30, the decline in a male’s body and hormones, that reality is also in my face.

That motivation inspired me to take action. So I set out to find a way to regain my body in its health, aesthetics and mechanic stability and strength, as well as my vitality. Thus, regaining my strong dad status as well as a better overall relationship with my amazingly beautiful wife.

The only challenge was finding one that not only catered to my age group but one that wouldn’t eat up the little time I had being a husband and father with responsibilities and career.

I found a solution and Here’s how I did it!

This is the BEST Exercise Program for Men in their 30’s and 40’s and beyond!


If you can relate, it’s time to take back your life and basically reverse time on your body and health!

Here’s what a workout looks like in this program!

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