We all want our Desires To Manifest. That is human nature. Through our life experiences we come to points where we know exactly what we desire from life and in our lives.

We say things like “if only I had more money!” , “I wish I had someone to love and to love me.” , and “I’ll feel better once I have what I want.”

We’ve learned while growing up that the conditions are what sets the emotional atmosphere for us. If something “bad” happens then we can’t be happy. Therefore, we, in some way have to punish ourselves. If something “good” happens then we can celebrate and enjoy ourselves.

It’s as though permission has to be given in order for us to feel good or worthy. But feeling good is our true nature. Feeling good is where our lives flow into the manifestations that we would love. More Money, Better Health, a Loving Partner. There’s NO LIMIT to the Abundance the Universe wants to give us.

This is all natural as humans. We can’t beat ourselves up for not feeling good all the time. We just have to remember that wherever we are and however we are feeling, is exactly where we are meant to be and that we are always on the right path.

If we didn’t have contrasting experiences in our lives, we wouldn’t know just how big the good side feels. If we would only get out of our own way and know that we are meant to feel good always no matter the condition the conditions will change for the better.

So here are 4 simple tricks we can practice everyday on our way to Manifesting all of Your Heart’s Desires!


Through our day to day, we are having many experiences. Good feeling experiences and not so good feeling experiences. It is okay to acknowledge what is going on. We never have to ignore the circumstance, however, many of us don’t leave this stage.

If it’s something we’re experiencing that might be trying, emotionally or physically, we stay in that state. We tell everyone about our misery over and over as though the more we tell about it and make others understand how hard of a time we’re having, the more we are worthy of feeling better. The details are NOT important.

What I’ve found is that this will only keep you from moving in the direction of feeling better. It becomes a resistance and block on your path.

Like I said, acknowledgement is always ok. It is okay to express and to feel what is brought up through these experiences. Once we’ve done that, then it’s time to try to have better feeling thoughts about the situation or circumstances so that it removes the resistance and blockages from moving into a better feeling space.

Focusing on feeling good is key. I completely understand that sometimes it is difficult to find a better feeling place in certain situations and circumstances. We need to take smaller steps to get there. The bigger the situation or negative feelings seem, the smaller the steps we need to take in the direction of feeling good, or at the least, better.

We are made of feelings so we have to treat ourselves with patience, kindness and love.

The way We Focus is By Unfocusing And Quieting The Mind. Sounds like a contradiction right! But unfocusing will bring us back into a place of understanding and clarity.

We can remove ourselves from the details of the circumstance and work on the feelings instead of the situation.

The best way to do this is through MEDITATION . Allowing your mind to let go of the rambling and chaos that we have in our heads to free space for inspired thoughts to flow.


There are always going to be times, situations, circumstances, experiences and conditions in our lives. Some will feel amazing and give us energy and motivation and inspiration. This is alignment.

And there are other contrasting experiences that don’t feel so good. Maybe they bring on feelings of anxiety, stress, fatigue and fear.

All these feelings are indicators of being in alignment and out of alignment. Reference points for us to get back to the place where the Law Of Attraction will work in our favor and bring abundance into our experience.

All experiences, for that matter, are the perfect unraveling of our lives to Get to that Beautiful Place Of Alignment and Unblocked Energy.

Don’t fret or reverse the momentum and just allow things to happen and pass. They are happening as they should.


When something good is brought to your attention or experience, know that you are receiving.

Always try to notice signs and then appreciate the unraveling and revealing. Appreciation and Gratitude are huge Manifestation Triggers. The more we can appreciate and love the more The Universe will reflect that back to us.

It’s Law!

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Have you ever thought of purchasing a car and you find a make and model that interests you? You say “I like this car so much, why don’t I ever see any on the road?” Then, all of a sudden, you notice many in the road? The simple explanation is the Law Of Attraction Revealing itself to you. Your attention and appreciation to something brings more into your awareness and life experience.

When you notice things, just smile and know it’s working.

Some will have specific things that show them their place of alignment. My wife sees hearts in different places and in many different ways. When we met, we were so in sync that I started to see them as well in huge ways. The enjoyment we got out of that brought more and more and more.

These 4 simple tricks may take some practice but are easy to get a handle on the more you do them.

Practicing these 4 Simple Tricks will allow for Huge Manifestations of your Heart’s Desires to Happen!

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