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Food! I love food.

I enjoy the ritual of eating and, more importantly, the Process Of Cooking for my Loved ones.

I am not a chef or food snob or nutritionist in any way but food is such a major component in connection. We connect to ourselves by the learning and understanding the processes of cooking and growing our own food. And while eating we are using all of our senses. It’s an experience that brings awareness to our own bodies.

Food connects us with our families and others while sharing a meal together and even deeper if you’ve cooked that meal for them. Food cooked with loving intention transfers that energy to everyone enjoying it. This in itself is so Huge!

But a significant connection we make through food is with our environment, our earth our land and where our food comes from. It connects us not just with ourselves and the creatures around us but with a larger energetic whole. Something we charge, recharge and discharge through.

I’m going too far with this so let’s step back and think of it this way. If we eat the foods that are more conducive to connecting, then our flow of energy vibration will be much cleaner, and lighter and less resistant.

Our physical energies rise, our relationships are healthier and our clarity and focus become much keener.

As far as energy flow, we can think about it in terms of actual foods. Think about pouring a heavy pasta cream sauce and water downhill. Which would flow easier smoother and adapt to any shift?

The water would flow fast, dissipate any residual and probably clean as it flushed over it’s path. It has minimal to no resistance. In fact large amounts can be so strong, like a river, that it would carve it’s own path.

The cream sauce would be more viscous, be slow down it’s path and leave a lot of residual behind. It’s not as clean and would take another component like water or body energy reserves to break it down and process it.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not implying you should put water on your pasta as a replacement, nor am I saying you should cut out pasta and cream sauces altogether. I’m just trying to put into perspective what food can do on the downhill path in our bodies as we ingest them.

The water would flow free, take less energy to process and at the same time it would clean and flush out our system.

The sauce would be slower, leave behind a trace and take a lot more energy to clean it through and process. Causing slower and lower energy.

So let’s talk about 4 FOODS THAT WILL RAISE YOUR ENERGY VIBRATION and in most cases lower harmful levels of blood pressure and cholesterol. This in itself releases resistance we have vibrationally so we can move forward with our life’s manifestations and major connections.

  • Leafy Greens and Veggies
  • The Brighter and Deeper the Color, the more vitamins and nutrients these foods are packed with. They get their color from the type of Nutrients and Vitamins they contain.
  • Since these types of foods have lots of key nutrients they energize your system with clean power. Full of fiber, minerals and pure earthy Goodness, Leafy Greens and Vegetables should be added to EVERY Meal.
  • Not only will they fuel your body, but they will clean your system while they process through your digestive system.
  • Leafy Greens include kale, chard, spinach, and other greens. Also cabbage, Brussels sprouts and asparagus for more rich green benefits and especially Folate.
  • The word folate describing the B vitamin originates from the Latin root word folium, which means leaf. Fact: our bodies have to get it from food. Where do you think you find it in abundance? Dark green leafy vegetables. The function associated with folate is varied and works in conjunction with other nutrients. Folate deficiency is common (no surprise, we don’t eat a lot of greens!) and leads to a host of health problems you don’t want including digestive disorders, cardiovascular disease, and most famously perhaps, birth defects. Folate is also crucial in epigenetics (external or environmental factors that switch genes on and off without changing the DNA sequence) through a process known as methylation where folate acts as a methyl donor promoting cellular differentiation. Folate is also essential for DNA and RNA synthesis, amino acid production, and cell division. In short, you really, really need it. -http://www.superlife.com/dark-leafy-greens/

  • Tip on preparing: Since leafy greens can have a very bitter highly fiberous feel if eaten raw, I find that gentle cooking is best. You can sauté any of these quickly in extra virgin olive oil. I say quickly because, they are best at the point where they just go from raw to cooked. They still have a crunch and full flavor but that’s where I find my body responds best as they seem to activate at this point.
  • Vegetables include radishes, tomatoes, bell peppers, avocado, sweet potatoes, zucchini, squash, broccoli, green beans and even carrots.
  • Besides sweet potatoes, any of these in any combination taste beautiful raw. Chop them up over some spinach or cabbage or romaine and drizzle olive oil and lemon juice and you have a perfect lunch that’s Vibrant and fresh and full of flavor and appetizing textures and will fuel your body like a Jet.
  • Heart Healthy and full of Lycopene, Beta Carotene, Vitamin B and C. Instant mood enhancer, promotes Prostate Health, Eye Health and Brain function.
  • These put your body in a Low Resistance, High Vibe state. Easy to process, clean up your body and inherently clean your vibration.
  • Perfect Foods!!!!
  • Beans and Legumes
  • Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit……..
  • Or Beans, Beans, They’re Good for Your Heart……….
  • But actually, they really are Great for Your Heart and even all the way through to where you Toot or Fart or Honk. 😂
  • Beans and Legumes are packed with rich Plant-Based Proteins. In terms of daily requirements, legumes and Beans can give you the protein needed especially in vegan diets where animal based proteins are not an option.
  • Protein, being the building blocks of muscle, beans can promote the health, strength and growth of muscles and maintain your physique. Also,helping with weight loss.
  • Legumes are extremely HEART HEALTHY! As part of a well-rounded diet, they can Reduce Blood Pressure, Inflammation, and Bad LDL Cholesterol Levels.
  • Beans and legumes are also High in Fiber which will Aid in Regularity which is extremely important in clearing stuck, resistant energy and removing any residual “dirt” from low vibration foods from your Digestive tract. This makes it easier and more efficient in absorbing the right kind of nutrients.
  • Add some Beans and Legumes to your Diet and you’ll be adding Folate, iron, vitamin b, Magnesium and Potassium. All have enormous impacts on Raising Your Vibration and Brighten your Energy.
  • Spices, Herbs and Teas
  • Flavor, Flavor, Flavor. You can never add too many spices or herbs to brighten up the flavors in your food. Not only do spices and herbs have Health Benefits, they also make the ritual of Feeding your Body much More Enjoyable.
  • Dried herbs are more potent in flavor but fresh herbs have not been stripped of their raw nutrients. Fresh herbs are wonderful digestive aids and can reduce gas when eaten immediately after a meal.
  • Add a flavor punch to your food with spices. Concentrated goodness. Don’t skimp unless it’s salt, then limit how much you use.
  • Spices make food a sensory experience. They awaken and enliven your mood as well as your taste buds.
  • Teas, such as, Green Tea, are full of antioxidants. Lowering blood pressure and keeping your arteries clear of oxidants and plaque build up. Caffeine free teas have amazing sleep benefits. Many teas can be used as spice substitutes in cooking for a level of flavor that you may not be used to but will definitely taste in appreciation.
  • The more we enjoy what we eat the better our vibration becomes as long as the foods we are eating are not drawing from energy reserves to digest and process but giving our bodies more energy and stocking up on stored energy for when we need it most.
  • Water
  • Water is the most important component of our existence. Water has amazing benefits and properties.
  • Proper Hydration in our bodies is key. It keeps our skin healthy and youthful, and our bodies clean and pure. It can wash away toxins and keeps vital organs flushed and working properly.
  • Water promotes an overall healthy being. Everything becomes clearer and cleaner and more pure. This is what we want when we are Raising our Vibrational Energy.
  • Water ingested isn’t the only way we can Raise our Vibe. The sacred act of bathing or showering and washing our bodies is purifying. Not only of surface physical residue, but of energetic residue as well.
  • Everywhere we go and everyone we come in contact with exchanges energy with us. Large crowds intermingle energy and it gets mixed and traded and rubbed off and transferred. It is something we carry energetically. So the act of washing ourselves to get clean, not only cleans our skin but our energetic lining as well.
  • Here’s an affirmation you can repeat while showering or bathing so that your Energy Vibration will Rise and make way for New experiences and manifestations.
  • “I wash away the day from my being. Every bit of energy I picked up today or yesterday is now being washed away and my own Energy Field is Vibrating at a High Frequency. I am refreshed, I am radiant and I am ready to Receive.”
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